Technical coaching

If your team needs help incorporating the knowledge they need, this is the ideal service for you. Here they can learn to develop their skills in a proactive environment. Along with a technical coach, the team can work on their day-to-day tasks, with a technical coach helping to ensure that everything is done in the best possible way, prioritizing knowledge at every step, without losing sight of increased productivity and value delivery.

What We Do?

“We develop high-performance teams capable of effectively and sustainably meeting product demand”

  • Regular coaching/hands-on accompaniment sessions with all team members.
  • Consulting in the planning and execution of the team’s projects.
  • Support in defining the team’s technological vision.
  • Evaluation and improvement of the team against a high-performance team competency model.
  • Training and accompaniment from an expert technical coach in the technology.


  • Quality guarantee of software and value proposition.
  • Increase in software quality.
  • Increase in development speed.
  • Constant challenges from the technical coach to refine their skills.

How We Work?

  • 4 sessions per week.
  • 4 hours per day.
  • Unlimited support (Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Zoom).
  • Closed groups.
  • Remote.


  • Improvement in the way of working.
  • Increase in motivation.
  • Online courses in our campus.
  • We don’t turn off the engines, we keep delivering value to the product.
  • Technical coach that guarantees the quality of deliveries.

Knowledge Areas

Any area that helps the team improve technically. Mainly they are grouped into:

  • Check work: TDD, BDD, unit/integration/e2e testing, contract testing, etc.
  • Write good code: Refactoring, IDE productivity, OO design, Legacy code, DDD, etc.
  • Ship at will: CI/CD, DevOps, monitoring, etc.
  • Discipline and learning: Pairing, Mobbing.

It also operates in the following areas of team process improvement, in collaboration with other roles (Agile Coach / Scrum Master):

  • Know what to build: Stories, Planning, Vertical Slicing, etc.
  • Improve as a team: Retrospectives, innovation, etc.
  • Not hurried: Velocity, planning to capacity.


  • Pair programming: 1:1 sessions in small groups on productive code to work on user stories while putting new knowledge into practice.
  • Learning hours (preparation and delivery): learning sessions on a specific topic, with a practical approach (coding dojo format, katas, etc.) to transmit new concepts to the team.
  • Mob programming: hands-on working sessions with the entire team, on productive code, either on US’s or
  • Practice community: propose, organize, and participate in cross-team learning and knowledge sharing activities to promote cross-pollination.
  • Mentoring 1:1 each developer.
  • Facilitating technical discussions.
  • Participating as a listener in team ceremonies and suggesting improvements.
  • Identifying the team
  • Identify team knowledge gaps.
  • Help the team develop a technical vision and roadmap.

How do we measure impact?

  • Reduced bugs.
  • Delivery frequency.
  • Increased team performance.
  • Talent retention.
  • Team empowerment and commitment.

Need more information?

We invite you to select a day and time that suits you, where we will talk with the entire team to determine what knowledge they need in the short term and outline a learning plan focused on productivity while keeping daily tasks in mind. ­čĹç

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