CTO as a Service

You need to define or redefine your company’s technological strategy and want to validate it with us, you need to know what technologies are best for your products, this service is perfect for you.

What We Do

“We help technology companies develop an effective strategy that allows them to grow quickly and sustainably over time, creating technological components that fit your goals.”

  • Discovery sessions based on technology needs.
  • Constant proposals for improvement, from a methodological and technical point of view.
  • Development of core pieces.
  • Creation of an efficient and sustainable way of working.
  • Adoption of agile practices and tools.
  • Advisory on project management.

How We Work

  • We will define the working method together.
  • We adapt to your needs.
  • Unlimited support (Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Zoom).
  • Remote.

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology Strategy Development

    We will help your company define a clear and effective technological strategy to achieve your business objectives. This may include identifying key technologies, assessing risks and opportunities, and defining development goals and objectives.

  • Technology and Tool Evaluation

    We will help your company evaluate and select the best technologies and tools for your software projects. This may include research and analysis of new technologies, reviewing existing tools, and identifying custom solutions.

  • Software Development Oversight

    We will help you oversee software development and ensure quality standards and best practices are met. This may include code review, quality testing, and implementing solutions to technical issues.

  • Engineering Team Management

    We will help your company manage your engineering team, providing guidance on topics such as hiring, training, and talent retention.

  • Project Management Advisory

    We will advise you on project management and adoption of agile practices and tools. This may include defining development processes and setting metrics to measure project progress and success.

Need More Information?

We invite you to select a day and time that is convenient for you, where we will have a conversation with the entire team to determine what knowledge they require in the short term and outline a learning plan oriented towards productivity without losing sight of the day-to-day tasks. 👇

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