React with Typescript


🧑🧔 Between 6 to 10 people

🕜 16 hours (4 blocks of 4 hours)

📊 80% practice - 20% theroy

📍 Remote or In site

🎁 A free course at our campus

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💡 This course is for companies: 👉 If you are looking courses for you as developer, please visit our campus


Considering that React is one of the most used libraries in the Frontend world, it is essential that your team master it perfectly. In this course, we will teach everything needed to build an entire application with React, applying excellent practices. CodeScouts’ commitment 🤞


  • Integrate TypeScript with React applications
  • React to props and state using TypeScript interfaces
  • Stateless & Stateful
  • React Router router
  • Global state
  • React conditional rendering
  • Handling main and secondary components with Typescript
  • Component testing
  • Use interface, user interaction, and asynchronous code testing
  • Functional component
  • React hooks
  • Custom hooks
  • Hook testing

Course Value

  • Learn to build React applications with TypeScript
  • Reactivity in the frontend
  • Modularity and componentization
  • Best frontend development practices
  • Test React components
  • Code reusability


The hardest part of a course is putting what has been learned into practice. That is why, in this course, students spend most of their time programming, dedicating 80% of practice and 20% of theory.

The course is divided into modules, and each module consists of theoretical and practical parts.

The practical part is organized by working in pairs, where a communicative environment is encouraged through short exercises. We will do different programming katas so that students can practice each concept we learn.

We will work with mob programming


This is a course for people with a minimum knowledge of programming in Javascript and Frontend concepts.

We also leave you here a post that we have written about the news of the new version of React

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