Clean Code


🧑🧔 Between 6 to 10 people

🕜 16 hours (4 blocks of 4 hours)

📊 80% practice - 20% theroy

📍 Remote or In site

🎁 A free course at our campus

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💡 This course is for companies: 👉 If you are looking courses for you as developer, please visit our campus


In this course, we will teach your software development team absolutely everything they need to know to have clean, self-expressive, maintainable and easy-to-read code.

At the end of this course, your team will have skills that take years to develop, thanks to the proposed practices and our Coaches who are true experts in the art of refactoring and clean code.


Day 1

  • General rules of Clean Code.
  • Design rules.
  • Refactoring practice.

Day 2

  • Tips for keeping our code clean
  • Naming rules
  • Method/function rules
  • Comments rules
  • Refactoring practice

Day 3

  • Source code structure
  • Objects and data structure
  • SOLID principles - S
  • Tests, FIRST principle
  • Refactoring practice

Day 4

  • Code smells
  • SOLID principles - O
  • SOLID principles - I
  • Refactoring practice

Course Value

  • Introduction to Clean Code
  • Refactoring
  • Refactoring tools with VScode
  • SOLID Principles


The hardest part of a course is putting what you’ve learned into practice, which is why in this course, students spend most of their time programming. We dedicate 80% of practice and 20% of theory.

The course is divided into modules, and each module consists of theoretical and practical parts.

The practical part is organized by working in pairs, where a communicative environment is encouraged through short exercises. We will do different refactoring exercises so that students can practice each concept that we are learning.

We will work with mob programming


This is a course for people with a minimum of programming knowledge.

The language is not important because it is a general training.

The practical exercises are created in:

  • C#
  • Java
  • Typescript
  • Javascript

We also leave you here a post that we have written about Clean code

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