We offer a wide variety of customized courses aimed at putting into practice what you really need in your day-to-day life.
🕐 16 hours

Legacy Code

If adding new features to your application, following technology trends, or even updating dependencies becomes a headache for your team, this course is perfect for you. In this course, we will learn advanced techniques for working with legacy code while simultaneously starting to remove those pieces that have a high level of coupling, preventing us from evolving our software

🕐 16 hours

Frontend Architecture

When working on large projects, we all know the challenge of adding new features and maintaining existing ones, and all without bugs 🐛. For this reason, we have created this course, where we will learn how to implement a sustainable ♻️ React architecture that allows us to add functionality much more quickly and easily, without so much effort.

🕐 16 hours

Design Patterns

Design patterns are the key to creating software that can easily evolve and be maintained for a long time with reasonable effort. Patterns not only allow us to have elegant designs, but also unify the way different development teams work.

🕐 16 hours

Clean Code

Do you want to learn the definitive techniques that will allow you to have clearer, self-explanatory and easier to maintain code? In this course, we will explain everything you need to know, but as you are used to, this course has a high volume of practice.

🕐 20 hours

Next JS

Next.js gives you the best development experience in React.js with all the features you need for production like Client Side Rendering, Server Side Rendering, Static Site Generation (SSG), and even automatic deployments with Vercel.

🕐 16 hours

Domain Driven Design

Having difficulty designing your domain and creating useful unit tests? DDD can help make your code expressive and modular, perfect for unit testing!

🕐 16 hours

Test-Driven Development

Also known as TDD (Test Driven Development), it’s a programming practice that involves writing tests (usually unit tests) before writing the actual code that passes the test, and finally refactoring the written code.

🕐 16 hours

React with Typescript

Learn everything you need to create enterprise applications using React, one of the most popular frontend libraries in the world. We will ensure that your team acquires the necessary professional skills to build high-quality software.

🕐 16 hours

Object Oriented Design

We all know how important it is to master object-oriented programming. That’s why we propose to explain to you in a clear, simple and, as we usually do, with lots and lots of practice, how to design in the best possible way using the object-oriented programming paradigm.