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Movicoders contacted us because they needed to redesign an architecture for their React frontend, using new technologies and, above all, applying good practices. As requirements, we had to take into account Maintainability, Development Speed, Ease of Extension, Reducing the Coupling of the Application Domain and React.

For this, we proposed the following 👇

Nuestro trabajo

  • We are working with Movicoders in two different types of services:
    • Software consulting where we have designed a fantastic modular frontend architecture to speed up the development of future projects.
    • Technical coaching where we are working on accompanying and training the team in various areas of development, applying theory and practice in a product that is implementing the architecture mentioned above.
  • Within the training plan, we are covering topics such as:


Programming languages: Typescript, Javascript

Librerías/frameworks: React, Inversify, Zustand

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