We help software teams to achieve technical excellence, focusing on both quality and delivery speed, as well as improving the team’s sustainability and pace but, developing together

About us

About Us

We are expert software developers who help teams become the best by transmitting all the necessary knowledge to improve technically.
We are Technical Coaches


We work in software teams developing their product, helping teams improve technically by focusing on transmitting our knowledge and experience in eXtreme programming and software quality practices.


We believe that teamwork is the key to success, which is why our commitment is 100%. We are a member of your team and will help solve the most critical problems the right way.


We are passionate, motivated, proactive Software Engineers and our main objective is to transmit all our experience in each project by creating a collaborative and motivating work environment.

How do we work?

These are some characteristics of our day-to-day work method

Continuous Improvement

We strive for excellence, for which we have a sustainable work plan that allows for rapid learning.


We identify each student’s areas for improvement and provide them with tools to enhance their performance.

Closed Groups

Teaching in closed groups allows us to focus on the skills and improvements of each team member.

Remote or In-Person

We have tools that make the remote experience truly excellent.

Our services

We focus on dedicated practice on a real project, carefully taking care of software quality and delivering value.

Technical coaching

If your team needs help incorporating the knowledge they need, this is the ideal service for you. Along with a technical coach, the team can work on their day-to-day tasks, prioritizing knowledge at every step, without losing sight of increased productivity and value delivery.

Accelerated Program

We ensure that your team has the knowledge to work in your company by preparing a tailored program to convey concepts in the clearest way possible, always accompanied by exercises to put each topic into practice and accelerate the ramp up.

CTO as a Service

You need to define or redefine your company’s technological strategy and want to validate it with us, you need to know what technologies are best for your products, this service is perfect for you.

Software Consulting

We will discover the points you need to improve in your current software, analyze the development methodology, and help you improve it step by step, defining an iterative plan so you can evolve your product.


We offer a wide variety of customized courses aimed at putting into practice what you really need in your day-to-day life, carrying out the course execution in the most proactive way to streamline learning and the implementation of knowledge.

Campus Online

One of the services we offer at CodeScouts is our own online campus, where you will find courses so that your technical team can enhance their skills accompanied by a technical coach who will enhance their learning

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Our Value Added

How do we help you?

As a Technical Coaching specialized company, we pay special attention to team delivery metrics following these indicators 馃憠

  • 01- Bug Reduction

  • 02- Delivery Frequency

  • 03- Team Performance Improvement

  • 04- Talent Retention

  • 05- Team Empowerment and Commitment

Our latest Posts

Tiempo de lectura: 7 minutos

Fakes Spies Mocks Stubs Dummies

Cada vez que pregunto la diferencia entre estos tipos de test dobles, nadie sabe responderlo claramente, esta vez te aseguro que no quedar谩n dudas.

Tiempo de lectura: 7 minutos

Test Driven Development

Tambi茅n conocido como TDD (desarrollo dirigido por tests) es una pr谩ctica de programaci贸n que consiste en escribir primero los tests (generalmente unitarias) y despu茅s escribir el c贸digo fuente que pase la prueba satisfactoriamente y, por 煤ltimo, refactorizar el c贸digo escrito.

Tiempo de lectura: 10 minutos

Tipos de tests

Existen muchos tipos de testing, o pruebas de software, que podemos usar para confirmar que nuestro software contin煤a funcionando correctamente tras introducir cambios nuevos sobre nuestro c贸digo fuente.

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Our clients

These are some clients who trust us.

A platform that allows you to transform your event space into a profitable long-term community with just one click, but you choose where to start.

Movicoders implements management, traceability, automation, and integration solutions through a close and highly skilled and motivated human team.

K-LAGAN is a strategic technology services consultancy, where the focus is on people, committed to their team and always at the forefront of the latest technological trends.

AXA Assistance is a multinational specialized in providing assistance services, with over 50 years of experience in the Spanish market.

Juanjo Hernandez

Juanjo Hernandez

Head of New Developments

During our collaboration, Dami谩n helped us to significantly improve the team's level. Through mob-programming dynamics in technical sessions and promoting debate, reflection, and participation. He accompanied us in the process of defining our architecture, being a key piece in it. In addition, he transmitted his knowledge and passion for programming to us. We met all expectations and opened up new horizons for improvement.

Marcos Broto

Marcos Broto

Software Engineer

We definitely managed to make that qualitative leap. Thanks to Codescouts and specifically to Damian and his deep experience with Javascript and React, we developed a frontend architecture that made it easier for us to develop projects in terms of structuring, compliance with industry best practices, and adoption of hexagonal architecture. My expectations were exceeded, and I was pleasantly surprised by Damian's expertise in terms of language, framework, and architectural concepts, as well as his ability to transmit knowledge. His availability and accessibility were extraordinary.

Ignacio Soler

Ignacio Soler

Tribe Lead Specialized Insurance
AXA Partners

Everything was perfect, really. We already had high expectations because we know the quality of the service. The team is very happy with the training received and it has helped to change some of their practices.


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