We help software teams to achieve technical excellence, focusing on both quality and delivery speed, as well as improving the team’s sustainability and pace but, developing together

About us

About Us

We are expert software developers who help teams to deliver high quality software promoting all our knowledge with eXtreme programming practices
We are Technical Coaches


We work in software teams developing their product, helping teams improve technically by focusing on transmitting our knowledge and experience in eXtreme programming and software quality practices.


We believe that teamwork is the key to success, which is why our commitment is 100%. We are a member of your team and will help solve the most critical problems the right way.


We are passionate, motivated, proactive Software Engineers and our main objective is to transmit all our experience in each project by creating a collaborative and motivating work environment.

How do we work? 🔨

These are some characteristics of our day-to-day work method

♾️ Continuous Improvement

We strive for excellence, for which we have a sustainable work plan that allows for rapid learning.

🚩 Mentoring

We identify each student’s areas for improvement and provide them with tools to enhance their performance.

🛡️ Closed Groups

Teaching in closed groups allows us to focus on the skills and improvements of each team member.

📍 Remote or In-Person

We have tools that make the remote experience truly excellent.

How do we help you? 🙏

As a Technical Coaching specialized company, we pay special attention to team delivery metrics following these indicators 👇

  • 01- Bug Reduction 🐛

  • 02- Delivery Frequency ♾️

  • 03- Team Performance Improvement 📈

  • 04- Talent Retention 🏋️

  • 05- Team Empowerment and Commitment 💪

Our services

We focus on dedicated practice on a real project, carefully taking care of software quality and delivering value.

Technical coaching

If you need help in your team to incorporate the knowledge they need, this is the ideal service for you. Together with a technical coach, the team can work on their daily tasks, prioritizing knowledge at every step, without losing sight of increasing productivity and delivering value.

Accelerated Program

We ensure that your team has the knowledge to work in your company by preparing a tailored program to convey concepts in the clearest way possible, always accompanied by exercises to put each topic into practice and accelerate the ramp up.

CTO as a Service

You need to define or redefine your company’s technological strategy and want to validate it with us, you need to know what technologies are best for your products, this service is perfect for you.

Software Consulting

We will discover the points you need to improve in your current software, analyze the development methodology, and help you improve it step by step, defining an iterative plan so you can evolve your product.


We offer a wide variety of customized courses aimed at putting into practice what you really need in your day-to-day life, carrying out the course execution in the most proactive way to streamline learning and the implementation of knowledge.

Campus Online

Our campus is a center of technical excellence ⛩️, where a technical coach will accompany you in each of your lessons helping you when you need it 🥋
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